Vicky B

My name is Vicky, I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach. I have studied the science and psychology of food, as well as lifestyle factors affecting your health.

I love it when something just ‘clicks’ for people and they find their rhythm and balance.

So many people lack energy and often don’t even realise how exhausted they are.

By eating the right food for you, you can get your energy levels back and feel amazing.

Sleep is the one thing we do every day, it is one of the best health tools. I love working with people and being told that ‘I will never be able to sleep 7 hours a night’ and then getting a message, ‘I slept for 9 hours and feel fantastic!’.

I have a degree in teaching, with an emphasis on Psychology. I am married to the love of my life, we are proudly producing healthy food for South African families.